Wauchope Public School

Excellence, Opportunity and Success

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About our school

Wauchope public school is one of the largest primary schools in the Port Macquarie District.

Despite its size, the needs of the individual are never forgotten. The school promotes caring and tolerant attitudes in students and we encourage all students to excel. Our school maintains and fosters excellence through a broad range of academic, social and behavioural programs. Learning experiences are designed to teach the basic skills, impart knowledge and develop the values required to cope with change whilst contributing in a meaningful way to our local and wider society. The schools population is drawn from a wide variety of settings such as town, outlying farming areas and small rural acreages. As one of the focal points of the community we are proud of the leading role we play.

School zone

When applying for enrolment at Wauchope Public School you must provide proof that you reside within our zone. Please check the map attached.

Wauchope Public School zone map (PDF 262KB)

School booklet 2019

School booklet 2019 (PDF 8915KB)

We can help you with your enrolment enquiries anytime throughout the year.

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